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The company Woodprofile - Karakasidis Bros is active in wood trading with year-long experience in wood manipulation. Its current state is the continuation of the firm established in the early 80s. Founder of the company was, the father, Dimitrios Karakasidis.
The demands of the market led to the erection of a new building, for safe-keeping and enhancing the productivity, of a total 10.000m2 at N.Rhaidestos, Thessaloniki.
The last years we are also occupied with furniture fittings, sawn timber, plywood and PVC(AGT) profiles for doors and worktops.

With cutting edge technology machinery, our specialized staff and of course always satisfying our customers’ needs, we can provide you with a wide variety of wooden products of the highest quality, immediate service always at competitive prices. You can visit our new website anytime and see I vast variety of our products. In addition, you can contact us via mail for any queries you have and for further information on our products.